Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Stephen Wing
229 Forest Hills Road
Stephen has enjoyed going to the football games especially in his years at Classical. Steve also was a member of IRC in his junior and senior years. Outside of school, Steve is very interested in music and would like to make a career of it.

Barry Winkler
373 White Street
While at Classical, Barry was a member of the JV baseball team and Boys Chorus in his freshman year and an IRC member as a senior. Barry's extracurricular activities included an outside job and reading.

Shelley Winniman
52 Fountain Street
Shelley has been a member of IRC, the Art Club, and the Junior Prom Committee. She enjoys playing the guitar, boating, traveling, and painting in her spare time. Shelley's future plans include attending an art school, and majoring in commercial art.

John Winter
141 Bremen Street
At Classical John has been a member of the Chess Club. In his spare time he enjoys baseball, cycling and flying. In the future he hopes to pursue a career in either math or chemistry.

Ruth Witkowski
146 Longhill Street
Ruth was a three-year member of the French Club also of the Biology Club where she served as president in her senior year. She has helped in the junior high office for three years. Her interests include gardening, hiking, riding, and swimming. Ruth hopes to become an oceanographer or a teacher.

Michelle Wolf
782 Dickinson Street
Miki's many activities here at Classical include being on the Activities Committees, three-year membership in IRC, and an S.T. agent for her homeroom. Miki's outside interests include acting, hockey, and soccer. Her ambition is to get an education and be in the Peace Corps.

Diane Woodard
69 Bolton Street
Diane was a three-year member of the Future Nurses Club and a two-year member of the Girls Chorus and Biology Club. She was also active in choir and the Art Club. In her senior year she became a member of Girls Patrol. Diane's outside interests are horseback riding, camping and art. In the future Diane hopes to go into marine biology.

Charlene Wright
54 Oak Hollow Road
Charlene was the Blue and White agent for her homeroom in her freshman and junior years. In her senior year she was a member of the Sr. Activities Committee and Pierides. Outside of school she enjoys sewing and working with clay and pottery. She would like to go to college and become an interior decorator.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970