Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Mark Weinberg
148 Fountain Street
Mark has served his class as a two-year member of SG. He was also a member of the Constitution Committee. He has been a three-year member of the band. Mark enjoys playing golf and would like to be an archeologist.

Kristine Weiner
54 Athol Street
Kris was a member of Girls Patrol and IRC as a freshman. In her junior year, she served on the Blue and White advertising staff and the Junior Prom committee. She also was a member of the Future Teachers Club, serving as treasurer in her senior year. Kris would like to go to college.

Nancy Weiner
201 Marmon Street
Nancy was a two-year member of the French Club and the Red Cross serving as vice-president in her senior year. She was also a three-year member of IRC and was the vice-president of the Red Cross Inter-High Council. Nancy enjoys reading, traveling, and doing volunteer work.

Debbie Weissman
453 Roosevelt Avenue
At Classical, Debbie has been a two-year member of the girls volleyball team, and a one-year member of IRC, the Hebrew Club, and Future Teachers Club. She enjoys swimming, tennis, and spectator sports. Debbie hopes to become a teacher of physical education.

Sanford Whitney
76 Northumberland Street
While at Classical, Sandy belonged to the wrestling team, band, Constitution and Banquet Committees and was vice-president of the senior class. Outside of school, Sandy is actively interested in politics and in managing soul bands. As for his future, Sandy would like to go into politics on a national level and work for peace.

James Widland
100 Appleton Street
A three-year member of both the soccer and tennis teams, Jim has also been a two-year member of the Honor Society, serving as president in his senior year. In his junior year, Jim was a reporter on Recorder, and he served as Sports Editor in his senior year. Also in his senior year, Jim was a member of Mathletes and the Senate.

James Willis
59 Osgood Street
Sports-minded Jim has participated on Classical's soccer, wrestling and football teams, and has served for two years on Boys Patrol. He enjoys music and sports. Jim would like to pursue a medical career.

Donna Wilson
40 Prentice Street
While at Classical, Donna's activities were limited because of a part-time job. In her senior year she joined IRC. Her interests include sewing, working at a summer camp, and working on a youth group newspaper staff. Donna hopes to become an elementary school teacher and would like also to travel.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970