Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Edmund Ward
46 Gordon Street
Ed, one of Classical's athletes, was a three-year member of both the football and baseball teams, and was a two-year member of the basketball team. He was also a member of IRC in his senior year. Ed would like to become a lawyer.

Karen Ward
94 Navajo Road
In tenth grade, Karen was a Red Cross representative and a member of IRC. She was a gym student leader in her junior year. Karen was a member of Girls Patrol for two years, serving as captain in her senior year. Karen's interests include sewing, horseback riding, and tutoring. She hopes to attend college and become an elementary school teacher.

Martha Ward
29 Hermitage Drive
Martha was a member of the Girls Chorus, Choir, and Madrigal. In eleventh and twelfth grades, she was a cashier. She was on the Recorder staff for two years, serving as feature editor in her senior year. She was a member of NHS in twelfth grade. Martha plans on continuing her education.

Valerie Warner
562 Page Boulevard
Valerie spends a great deal of her time writing poetry. She hopes that through her poetry and by helping people, she can make other people happy. After she graduates, Valerie would like to work with children.

Jill Wasserman
15 Gatewood Road
Jill has been active in the orchestra for three years. She has been a member of the Young Peoples Symphony and also tutors underprivileged children. She is interested in all phases of dance. Jill would like to live by the sea and pursue a career in marine biology.

John Wcislo
203 Atwater Road
John has participated in the school orchestra for three years and has been a member of the Young Peoples Symphony and the Western District Orchestra. In his junior year he was a member of the handbook committee. John plans on a medical career while continuing to pursue music.

Roberta Weber
43 Draper Street
Roberta has been active as an IRC member for three years. In her freshman year she was an agent for Blue and White. Roberta was on the Junior and Senior Prom Committees. Her interests lie in arts and crafts, sports and sewing. Roberta would like to major in elementary art education.

Diane Weiderlight
52 Forest Park Avenue
Diane has done work and modeled for the PTSA Fashion show. She has been a member of the Girls Chorus and IRC. Diane would like to do some modeling or become a nursery school teacher.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970