Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Janice Trombly
49 Seymour Avenue
In her freshman year, Jan was on Girls Chorus, IRC and the Future Teachers Club took up her time in her senior year. Outside of school, Jan's hobbies are bowling, reading, and horseback riding. Teaching elementary school is her main ambition in life and helping people.

Patricia Trow
76 Hall Street
In the fall Pat hopes to enter a college of nursing. For the past two years, she has been a member of the Future Nurses Club, and in her freshman year she belonged to IRC. Besides nursing, her interests range from designing and sewing clothes to reading and blues music. If she has any extra time and money, Pat would like to travel.

Holly Tuttle
76 Catalina Drive
Sports keep Holly occupied because she dislikes sitting down and doing nothing. She was a two-year member of both the Future Teachers Club and the Spanish Club. Holly was also on the Prom Decorations committee for her junior and senior years. She enjoys animals and would like to become a biology teacher.

Nancy Ursprung
76 Crestmont Street
Nancy's activities in her three years included membership in IRC, Biology Club, and Future Teachers Club. In both her freshman and junior years, she served on the Activities Committee. She also was chairman of the Junior Prom Committee. Nancy plans to attend college and eventually do biological research in a hospital.

Barbara Van Wart
171 Dayton Street
Barbara is very interested in people and enjoys doing volunteer work in her spare time. Outside of school, Barb works for a hospital, tutors at NES, and works for the Red Cross. Barbara's ambition is to further her education.

David Vinick
67 Dayton Street
David was a three-year member of the swimming and crew teams serving as co-captain of crew in his senior year. Outside of school, Dave enjoys skiing, sailing and swimming. Dave would like to become a good teacher.

Ann Waldron
294 Holcomb Road
An outside job has kept Ann from being active at Classical although she did serve as an ST agent for her junior homeroom. Ann enjoys going to the beach and to dances. She hopes to be an elementary school teacher or work in data processing.

Daniel Ward
65 Canton Street
Danny, because of an after school job, was unable to participate in any school activities in his junior and senior years. However, in his freshman year he was on the bowling and soccer teams, as well as being in the Chess Club, the Senate and IRC. In his spare time he enjoys golf and bowling.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970