Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Valerie Smith
43 Whittier Street
Valerie was a member of the school band and Orchestra in her three years at Classical. She also was active as a member of Madrigal. Her outside interests include camping with the Girl Scouts, sewing and music. Valerie's ambition is to be an elementary school teacher.

Robert Smithies
14 Maple Street
Robert's extracurricular activities have been limited because of his outside interests. Robert's plans for the future are indefinite. He hopes to be happy and successful.

Howard Spears
172 Quincy Street
While at Classical, Howard was a member of the Spanish Club, basketball team, and the football team. Outside of school, he enjoys basketball and football. After graduation, Howard plans to enter into business administration or perhaps travel throughout the world.

Salvatore Spinelli
22 Acushnet Avenue
Sal was a member of the football team in his junior year. His outside interests include playing the piano. Sal hopes to major in mathematics and then do graduate work in that field.

Edward Stambovsky
84 Maryland Street
While at Classical, Edward participated on the junior varsity baseball team in his freshman year. Outside of school, Eddie enjoys watching television, going to the beach, playing football, baseball, and basketball. Eddie plans to go to college and major in math.

Jeffrey Stambovsky
74 Maryland Street
Due to an after school job, Jeff was unable to participate in many school activities. He enjoys sky diving, touch football, and has been on various scuba diving outings at Cape Hatteras. Jeff hopes to be a pro basketball coach.

Phillip Stambovsky
16 Kenwood Terrace
Phillip has participated in the Culture Vultures while at Classical. Much of his time is taken up with his hobbies, which include fishing and collecting coins, stamps, and models. Phillip hopes to make his vocation in biochemical research and would like to do some outside writing.

Debra Stein
185 Birchland Avenue
Debbie, musically inclined, has played the viola in the orchestra for three years. During her senior year, Debbie served as president of the orchestra. She enjoys teaching, swimming, sewing, and dancing. Debbie is anxious to do some traveling in the future.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970