Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Susan Silvia
1974 Allen Street
Sue was a member of the Girls Chorus, Future Nurses Club, Choir, Spanish Club, and Biology Club. She was an S.T. agent for two years and a Blue and Write agent in her junior year. Sue's outside interests include competitive swimming, skiing, tennis, and volunteer work at city hospitals. Her ambition is to get a degree in veterinary medicine.

Mark Sinclair
1494 Page Boulevard
Although Mark's activities have been limited while at Classical, he enjoys spectating sports. He also enjoys driving. Mark's ambition is to enter the field of teaching.

Walter Slepchuk
58 South Tallyho Drive
Walter's activities at Classical have been limited to sports. Walter was on the football team for all three years. In his freshman year he also enjoyed swimming and baseball. Walter is undecided about his future plans.

Joseph Sloane
18 Washington Road
Joseph was a member of the soccer team freshman year and served as Recorder photographer. In his senior year, Joe was a member of Projectors. Outside of school, Joe's main interest is music while he is also interested in mechanics and motorcycles.

Charles Small
86 Bowles Street
Charley has been a three-year member of the concert band. He was on the Junior Varsity football team in his freshman year and varsity football in his junior and senior years. He was also a basketball Manager. Outside of school, Charley enjoys playing two instruments. He plans to go to Springfield College and major in physical education.

Deborah Smith
2164 Wilbraham Road
During her three years at Classical, Debbie was a member of Chorus, Choir, and Madrigal and in her spare time she is a member of Up With People. Debbie was also a member of the Junior and Senior Activities Committees, serving as Class Secretary both years. A member of Recorder for two years, she also was an NES Spanish tutor.

Marylou Smith
63 Inglewood Avenue
Marylou's primary interests are languages. She was a member of the French Club in her junior and senior years. She would like to become an interpreter. Outside of school she enjoys camping, and also playing the guitar and piano.

Peter Smith
68 Washington Road
Peter served as his class president in his freshman and again in his senior year. He took part in the band for three years and spent two years in the Orchestra. Peter was also a member of the Culture Vultures and the School Constitution Committee. Peter's ambition is to "find peace within myself."
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970