Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Tyrone Self
99 Melrose Street
In his freshman year, Tyrone was a member of the Future Teachers Club, a Blue and White representative, and the baseball team. In his senior year, he became a member of Boys Patrol. Outside of school, Tyrone works on cars and is a member of the Big Brother organization. He would like to become a teacher.

Wanda Sharpe
189 Dunmoreland Street
At Classical, Wanda was a three-year member of Girls Chorus, and played soccer and volleyball in her freshman and junior years. She enjoys singing and playing the piano. Wanda would like to go to college and pursue a career in mental health technology.

Kathy Shea
163 Gillette Avenue
While at Classical, Kathy was a two-year member of IRC. She was also on the Junior Prom decorations committee, an ST alternate and a student leader. Kathy plans to attend college, possibly majoring in physical education.

Christine R. Shearer
736 Belmont Avenue
Chris is a two-year member of the Future Teachers Club, and in her freshman year she was also her homeroom's Activities Representative. In her senior year, Chris became a member of IRC. In her spare time, Chris enjoys dancing and excitement.

Debra Sheldon
1391 Plumtree Road
In her freshman and junior years, Debbi was a member of Girls Chorus and the Future Teachers Club. She was a student leader in her junior year and has been a three-year member of IRC. Debbi enjoys volunteer work at a local hospital, playing the piano, and reading. She would like to go to college and major in sociology.

Nancy Sherbow
115 Oak Hollow Road
During Nancy's three years at Classical, she has been a member of IRC and the Girls Patrol in her senior year. She has an after school job and enjoys skiing and playing tennis in her spare time. She plans to go to college and eventually become an executive secretary.

Richard Sibilia
16 Joanne Road
In his freshman year at Classical, Rick was a member of the Banner Committee and the Activities Committee. He was an S.T. agent in his senior year. Rick's job keeps him very busy after school. His future plans are to go to college.

Louise Silvestri
97 Dana Street
Louise's school activities include Girls Chorus, Choir, and three-year membership of both the Future Teachers Club and IRC. She also participated on the Junior Prom Decorations Committees and Activities Committee. Outside of school, Lou enjoys sewing. She hopes to become a math teacher.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970