Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Anthony Santaniello
195 Groveland Street
While at Classical, Anthony was very active in the Latin Club of which he was a member for two years. Outside of school, Anthony is a sports enthusiast. He especially enjoys baseball and golf. His plans for the future include furthering his education and possibly becoming a sportscaster.

Mary Sawyer
42 Magnolia Terrace
While at Classical, Mary was a two-year member of the Girls Patrol. She served as clerk in her senior year. Outside of school, Mary enjoys water sports, reading and playing the piano. She would like to become a teacher.

David Scagliarini
661 Carew Street
Dave transferred to Classical at the beginning of his senior year, and was unable to participate in extracurricular activities. Looking forward to the future, Dave is presently building a stock car. Hoping to become an automobile mechanic, Dave does not believe that the trials of owning a stock car will discourage his ambitions.

Barry Schatz
503 Forest Hills Road
Barry was a member of the baseball team in his freshman and junior years. He also has been on Boys Patrol for the past two years. Barry enjoys listening to music, playing sports and "talking about interesting subjects with interesting people." He would like to attend a liberal arts college and study either journalism or law.

Susan Schiff
120 Fountain Street
Sue, a two-year member of NHS, was also a member of IRC, Mathletes, Culture Vultures, and the Spanish, French, and Hebrew Clubs, the latter of which she was treasurer. Serving as the Scribe business manager in her junior year, she also served on the Blue and White staff and was her homeroom's ST agent.

Jesslyn Schorr
37 Yorktown Drive
In her freshman year, Jessi was on both the Banner Committee and the committee selling tickets for the fashion show. In her junior year, she was in charge of the sale of tickets for the Junior Prom. Jessi hopes to become either an art or math major.

Susan Schreyer
144 Pinecrest Drive
At Classical, Sue was a member of the Art Club in her senior year. A job outside of school took up a lot of her time. She enjoys making jewelry and reading. Sue would like to become an artist.

David Scott
15 Mallowhill Road
Dave is a three-year member of the band, marching band, and the soccer team. In his spare time and during the summer, he enjoys reading, diving, and music. After graduating, Dave hopes to go to college and then to graduate school to earn an engineering degree.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970