Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Keith Robbins
47 West Canton Circle
Keith spends most of his time listening to music. After graduation, Keith wants to be happy and help others to be happy also.

Wayne Robinson
439 Eastern Avenue
In his freshman year, Wayne was a member of the crew team, Future Teachers Club, and was his homeroom's representative. Outside of school, Wayne is interested in politics, music, and Black literature and drama. Wayne hopes to become a teacher.

Peter Roche
8 Northway Drive
For three years Pete has been on the football team in his freshman and junior years, the baseball team, and in his freshman year, the hockey team. He enjoys bird watching when not in school. After he graduates, Pete hopes to go to college and major in physical education.

Jacquelyn Rochford
20 Scott Street
Jackie has been a three-year member of Red Cross, serving as secretary in her senior year. In her freshman and senior years, she was a member of the Future Nurses Club, and she was inducted into the National Honor Society in her senior year. Jackie enjoys bowling and softball. She hopes to be a physical therapist for handicapped children.

Stanley Rodak
50 Chauncey Drive
Stan enjoys playing golf, basketball, baseball and bowling. He finds time to work outside of school. Stan hopes to take a pre-med course at college and become a dentist.

Elayne Rosen
58 Rockland Street
In her freshman year, Elayne belonged to IRC and Future Teachers Club. As a junior, she served as PTSA representative, worked on the literary and business staffs of Scribe, and enjoyed the summer of '69 in Israel. Elayne likes to read and sew when her job isn't keeping her occupied. She plans to major in English at college.

Richard Ross
99 Maynard Street
Interested in sports, Rich has been a two-year member of the swimming and crew teams and a one-year member of the football team. His diverse interests include stamp collecting, diving, body surfing, skiing, psychology, and singing. Rich hopes to become a psychiatrist.

Sue Ann Roth
26 Cherryvale Avenue
At Classical, Sue was a three-year member of IRC and a member of the Spanish Club in her senior year. She enjoys collecting Victorian silver, antiques, and tutoring at NES. After college, Sue would like to become a social worker or an archeologist.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970