Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Stephen Reilly
4 Langdon Street
A member of the baseball, soccer, and hockey teams during his three years at Classical, Steve served as captain of the hockey team as a senior. He was also on the stage crew as a junior and senior. Steve, who especially likes archery and bowling, plans to major in the social sciences.

Beth Resnick
22 Texel Drive
For three years, Beth was a member of the Future Nurses Club and IRC. She was also an ST agent for three years. Beth enjoys reading and spectating sports. Interested in the field of science, Beth would like to become a nurse.

Arthur Rhinehart
46 Hood Street
Art has been a member of the track team for two years. His outside interests include being a member of the Black Students Union. Arthur's ambition is to further his education.

Donna Ricco
22 Elmwood Street
Donna was a three-year member of IRC. She was a freshman member of Girls Chorus and in Choir for her junior and senior years. In her senior year, Donna joined the Future Nurses Club. Outside of school, Donna holds a job and enjoys tap dancing. She hopes to continue her education after graduation and become a nurse.

Ethelyn Richardson
241 Garvey Drive
In her freshman year, Ethel was a member of the French Club and Pep Squad. She was also a three-year member of Girls Choir. Outside of school, Ethel enjoys sewing, cooking and reading. Her ambitions are to aid the underprivileged, and major in either special education or mathematics in college.

Sheila Richton
118 Manchester Terrace
Sheila's many activities at Classical include being a three-year member of the Future Nurses Club and a student leader in gym. In her freshman year, she was in the Red Cross Club and in her junior and senior years, a member of Girls Patrol. Outside of school, she enjoys girl scouting, camping and working at a local hospital. Sheila hopes to become a nurse.

Richard Rigazio
101 Governor Street
While at Classical, Rick was a three-year member of the Senate, serving as executive vice-president during his senior year. He was one of the cofounders of the Forum, a member of IRC. Rick served on Blue and White during his junior and senior years, filling the post of activities editor. He hopes to enter the field of elementary education.

Donato Rizzolo
1890 Parker Street
Don is a very hard working student planning to be a chemical engineer upon graduation from Classical. He takes his schoolwork very seriously as well as his guitar playing. Outside of school, Don enjoys playing his guitar and fixing cars.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970