Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Pamela Orne
43 Beaufort Circle
Active in her three years at Classical, Pam has been a member of IRC, Junior Activities Committee and the Junior Prom Committee. She has also been a member of the Girls Patrol, and president of Future Teachers in her senior year. Outside of school, Pam's interests are in Junior Achievement. She plans to major in math.

Linda Padykula
1236 Worcester Street, I.O.
Linda, a member of the Choir in her senior year, has participated in Girls Chorus during her freshman and junior years. A two-year member of IRC, she also belongs to the National Honor Society. Outside of school, Linda enjoys swimming, reading, and playing tennis. She plans to become an elementary school teacher after attending college.

Lynne Palmer
67 Hazen Street
A three-year member of both the Future Teachers Club and IRC, Lynne enjoys teaching her kindergarten Sunday school class. She was also a Blue and White alternate during her junior year, and, outside of school, she enjoys making her own clothes. Her ambition is to attend a teachers college for four years and, then to become a kindergarten teacher.

Eugene Parker
650 Union Street
Gene, a sports enthusiast, has been a member of both basketball and track teams for three years. In his junior year at Classical, he was a chemistry lab aide and, in his senior year, a member of Boys Patrol. Gene's ambition is to become an architect, commercial artist, or interior decorator.

William Parker
88 Surrey Road
Bill, a three-year Senate member, was captain of Classical's As Schools Match Wits team. He was also a member of NHS and a two-year Recorder staff member, serving as managing editor in his senior year. Bill, who admits he loves to run, joined the track and cross-country teams. Bill hopes to attend college and eventually do biochemical research.

Garry Parks
123 Bronson Terrace
While at Classical, Garry has started on the football, baseball, and basketball teams for three years. Outside of his school activities, Garry enjoys singing and likes to watch professional entertainers at work. As for his future, Garry would like to attend a major college and pursue a career in the field of Dramatic Arts.

Christine Partridge
127 Catalpa Terrace
Chris was a member of the Future Teachers Club and a Blue and White agent. For the past two years, she has been a cashier, and a member of IRC. Outside of school, Chris enjoys reading and dancing. Because she enjoys working with others, Chris hopes to become a teacher.

Dale Partyka
29 Arch Street
During his three-year stay at Classical, Dale has been, in his freshman year, a member of the track team and, in his junior and senior years, a member of the Art Club. His many outside interests include the stock car races, dancing, and going to the beach. In the future, Dale plans to attend college.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970