Classical High School, Class of 1970
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John Novicki
763 White Street
John has been a member of the Science Club, bowling team and Chess Club. Outside of school he enjoys baseball, piano, wrestling and hockey. John plans to continue his education after high school.

Siford Nunnally
24 Amherst Street
While at Classical, Si has been a three-year member of the band and basketball team and for two years a member of the football team. He enjoys singing and playing in rock bands. Si thinks that he would like to be a professional entertainer or enter the field of computer programming.

Christine O'Connor
81 Catalpa Terrace
During her three years at Classical Chris has been a member of both IRC and the Future Teachers Club. Outside of school, her interests are mainly in the field of dancing. Chris plans to pursue a career in nursing.

Kathleen O'Connor
14 Vermont Street
While at Classical, Kathy has been a member of IRC and the French Club. She has also participated in Girls Chorus in her freshman year. Kathy's outside interests include sewing and reading. She plans to be a math major in college.

Kathryn O'Day
125 Bloomfield Street
Due to a part time job, Kathy wasn't active while at Classical. However, she was a majorette for two years. Outside of school, Kathy enjoys bowling and playing tennis. Her ambition is to attend college majoring in French and to eventually teach on the secondary school level.

Michael O'Neill
55 Barber Street
Outside of school, Mike has a great many interests. He loves playing golf, cards, and going to the beach. Mike's main interest is centered around Ireland, and he hopes, someday, to visit the country. His ambition is to attend a nearby college and become a teacher.

Karin Oberg
90 Judson Street
An active member of the graduating class, Karin has been a member of both the Freshman and Junior Activities and Future Teachers Club, serving as secretary in her senior year. She was also secretary of NHS as a senior. Her outside interests include bowling and skating. Karin plans to be a math teacher.

Frank Orbach
15 Woodlawn Street
Although Frank has not been active in school, be does enjoy unusual hobbies. He has for many years been especially interested in aardvarks. He hopes to some day own a farm where he can raise them. Frank would also like to see native paganism return to its original state.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970