Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Robert Montmeny
86 Brewster Street
Bob was a ST agent in his senior year. During his junior year, Bob was his homeroom's PTSA alternate. He enjoys taking care of animals and helping people outside of school. Bob hopes to attend college and possibly major in veterinary medicine.

Henry Moriarty
103 Leitch Street
During his stay at Classical, Hank has been a three-year member of the baseball, basketball, and chess teams. Outside of his school activities, Hank enjoys observing nature. Hank would like to further his education by attending a college in Alaska and pursue the career of a meteorologist there.

Kathleen Moses
17 Bellevue Avenue
In her senior year at Classical, Kathy was a student leader and a member of the drama class. She enjoys many outside activities including skiing, sewing, and swimming. Kathy plans to further her education by attending college and hopes to become an elementary school teacher.

Michele Mullin
11 Mary Louise Street
Michele has been a three-year member of Student Government, serving as secretary during her senior year. She also served two years as chairman of her class' activities committee and chairman of the Holiday Dance. In her senior year she was on the cheerleading squad. Her hobbies include the field of music and working with children.

Brian Murphy
186 Belvidere Street
Brian spent only his junior and senior years at Classical. In his junior year he could only be on junior varsity soccer because of a rule about transfers. Also in his junior year, Brian was his homeroom's activities committee alternate. He enjoys going to football and hockey games. Brian hopes to pursue a career in law.

Michael Murphy
40 Cleveland Street
During his three years at Classical, Mike has enjoyed going to our hockey games. His other activities were limited, but he hopes to become a computer programmer. Mike feels that there will be many opportunities for him in this field.

Maryann Mysyshyn
21 Bernard Street
Maryann is a member of the National Honor Society. Her outside interests are knitting and stamp collecting. In her senior year, she was a member of Schools Match Wits Team.

Daniel Nardi
58 Glenoak Drive
Because of an outside job, Dan has not been able to participate in any school activities. He enjoys camping, howling, and golfing. Dan's main ambition is to go to college.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970