Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Robert Michel
23 Draper Street
Though Bob, because of an outside job, hasn't been able to participate in many school activities, he enjoys a variety of outside interests. Among them are golf, basketball, hockey, and going to the beach. Bob plans to go on to college and enter the business field.

Richard Miciak
23 Old Brook Road
While at Classical, Richard was a member of Future Teachers Club in his freshman year, and participated for two years in Boys Chorus. In his senior year he was a member of the Art Club. Richard plans to continue traveling throughout Europe and to eventually go "all around the world." His main ambition is to become a successful commercial artist.

Barbara Miller
39 Kenwood Park
Barbara, a three-year member of the Hebrew Club, has also participated in the Future Teachers Club and the Senate. She has been a two-year member of both the National Honor Society and the Girls Patrol. Barbara plans to major in political science in college and would like to later become a teacher or go into law.

Linda Mindell
64 Old Farm Road
Linda was an ST agent during her freshman and junior years. She was a member of IRC and also belonged to the Girls Chorus. In twelfth grade, Linda was a student leader in gym. She enjoys both hockey and soccer games. Linda would like to go on to college and eventually become an airline stewardess.

Deborah Mitchell
51 Amore Road
In her three years at Classical, Debbie has been a member of the Girls Chorus and Choir. She has also served on the Red Cross and as a Blue and White agent as a freshman. Her outside interests include sports, music, volunteering at a local hospital, and teaching Sunday school and piano. In the future Debbie plans to enter the field of nursing.

Vanessa Mix
251 Walnut Street
Although Vanessa's activities in school have been limited, she enjoys collecting records, dancing and going to parties. Her love for working with children has motivated her to graduate from college and become a social worker.

Edward R. Modlish, Jr.
26 Fairfield Street
Eddie participated on the basketball team for two years. Enjoying the outdoors, Eddie skis, hunts, fishes, camps, and hikes. Eddie also enjoys traveling and playing basketball. He plans to go to college and major in business administration.

Judith Monk
173 Westbrook Drive
While at Classical, Judy was an active three-year member of IRC. In her freshman year she was a member of the Banner Committee and also took part in Drama Class in her senior year. Judy's many outside activities include Councilettes, sorority, playing the guitar, and listening to records. Judy's ambition is to become a Dental Assistant.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970