Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Stanley McDonald
54 Maryland Street
Stan, very interested in sports, was a member of the soccer, hockey, wrestling, cross-country, football, baseball, and basketball teams. He also belonged to the Chess Club. Stan is very ambitious and would like to get rich quick and have a good time in life.

Colleen McLaughlin
2118 Wilbraham Road
Colleen is a two-year member of IRC, and in her senior year was a member of the Art Club. Outside of school, she enjoys painting and sketching. She is also a member of Sing Out Springfield. Attending an art school is Colleen's immediate plan after school. Always friendly, Colleen is continually trying to improve her artwork.

Joanne McLean
29 Meredith Street
During her three years at Classical, Joanne was a library aide and a member of IRC. On the Junior Prom Decoration committee and a Blue and White agent in her junior year, she also belonged to the Future Teachers Club. Her outside interests include a part time job, listening to music, sewing and reading. Joanne hopes to become a kindergarten teacher.

Steven McMahon
75 Margerie Street
Steve's time is mostly taken up outside of school, so he hasn't been very active during his stay at Classical. He enjoys traveling, and visited Europe during the summer. Steve also likes music and plays the drums. His future ambition is to become a professional musician.

Elaine Megliola
123 Hadley Street
Art editor on the Blue and White staff, Elaine was president of the Art Club as a senior and a two-year member of Pierides. Outside of school she enjoys sketching, playing the piano and guitar, swimming, and helping teach a kindergarten class. For the future, Elaine hopes to attend a liberal arts college and major in child psychology.

Peter Meltzer
21 Aberdale Drive
Pete, a sports fan, enjoys being a spectator at sports games and playing homeroom basketball. His outside interests center around cars, but he also enjoys playing the guitar. Pete plans to prepare for a teaching career in college.

Robert Merrill
23 Emerson Street
Bob was a three-year member of both the baseball and soccer teams. In tenth grade, he was also on the swimming team, and AVA. In his senior year, Bob was in Culture Vultures. Outside of school, Bob enjoys golf. He would like to major in Physical Education.

Joanne Metayer
17 Biltmore Street
Joanne's many activities here at Classical included cheerleading for two years, IRC and being a Culture Vulture in her senior year. Outside of school some of Joanne's activities are bicycle riding, running down hills, feeding ducks, ice fishing, and winter sports. Joanne's ambition is to attend law school and become a private lawyer.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970