Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Susan Martin
266 Corcoran Boulevard
Susan has been a member of the band for three years, while during her senior year she was the secretary. She has been a student leader for two years. Susan enjoys all sports but enjoys softball and baseball the most. She hopes to attend college and become a kindergarten teacher.

Joseph Maruca
44 Newhouse Street
Joseph has participated in the junior varsity football and baseball teams. In his junior year, Joe was a member of the Future Teachers Club. After graduation from Classical, Joe would like to continue his education. He would like to become a teacher of math and science.

Alberta Mastroianni
50 Arvesta Street
Because of an outside job, Alberta was unable to participate in any school activities. Outside of school, Alberta enjoys going to the beach, skiing, horseback riding, and swimming. Alberta hopes to attend a business school in the fall.

Helen Mavroudhis
43 Freeman Terrace
Being a very quiet girl, Helen's participation in school activities has been limited. Outside of school, she is immensely interested in painting in addition to collecting foreign coins. Helen's future plans are to attend college and become an art teacher.

Lucretia Maxwell
15 King Street
Lu was an active member of the Girls Chorus during her freshman and junior years. Her hobbies include sewing, dancing, swimming, listening to records, going to parties, and going to basketball games. After graduation from Classical, Lu would like to go to college and major in elementary education.

Louis McBeth
35 Mary Louise Street
Though Lou isn't involved in many school activities, he has many outside interests and hobbies. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to records, swimming, sailing, fishing, and boating. Lou plans to go on to college and major in engineering.

Linda McDonagh
66 Milton Street
Linda was a member of the Future Teachers Club, Girls Chorus and the Choir. Her outside interests include both water and snow skiing and playing tennis. Lin hopes to become either a secretary or an elementary school teacher.

Robin McDonald
733 South Branch Parkway
A high-stepping majorette in her junior and senior years, Robin was also a member of Girls Chorus, Choir, Future Teachers Club, and the makeup committee for Carousel. Outside of school, Robin enjoys interpretive dancing, and listening to records. Robin hopes to attend a liberal arts college.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970