Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Laurie Malandrinos
20 Glenvale Street
Laurie has been a two-year member of IRC. In her spare time, she enjoys flying kites, painting, and playing the piano. Laurie's ambition is to attend college and then teach art to retarded children.

Roger Maloof
982 Wilbraham Road
While at Classical, Roger was a member of the swimming team for one year, a two-year member of the track team, and a three-year member of the football team. Outside of school activities, Roger enjoys skin diving, swimming, hunting, football, ancient philosophy, and history. Solitary exploration and living, along with a strong curiosity, have motivated him to go into the field of undersea research.

Mary Mandrus
217 East Street
As a freshman, Mary participated in Carousel. During her junior year and senior years, she was member of IRC, the Activities Committees, Junior Prom Committee, a Blue and White agent and a member of the Future Teachers Club. Her ambition is to attend college and become an elementary school teacher.

David Manning
121 Garfield Street
David has participated in IRC for two years at Classical. In his freshman year, DJ also participated on the football and basketball teams. David would like to go to college and study management marketing with the goal of one day owning his own meat market.

James Marceau
676 Sumner Avenue
Jim, who enjoys natural science, was a member of the Biology Club in tenth grade. In eleventh and twelfth grades, he was a member of the A.V.A. team. In his spare time, Jim works with wild animals. His ambition is to tour the country on a motorcycle this summer, and, afterwards, to attend college.

Crystal Marchese
280 Washington Boulevard
While at Classical, Chris has participated in many outside activities, including horseback riding, swimming, and playing in the snow. She plans to attend college in the fall and study to be a teacher.

John Marinake
841 South Branch Parkway
John has been a member of the Boys Patrol, IRC, and during his freshman year, the football team. He was also the student manager of the varsity basketball team. John served on the Senior Activities Committee. He enjoys most sports and likes to work with cars. John's future plans include a military university to major in business administration.

Elise Markowitz
93 Carver Street
Because she has an outside job, Elise's activities at Classical have been limited. However, she was a member of IRC in twelfth grade. She hopes to attend college and become a dental assistant or hygienist.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970