Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Geralyn Laramee
15 Rock Hill Lane
A language enthusiast, Geralyn was president of the French Club for two years. She was also program chairman for IRC and a member of Blue and White. She also served as correspondence editor for the Scribe and participated in Western District Chorus. Geralyn would like to major in languages or history and possibly become a teacher.

Kirsten Larsen
27 Cherry Street
Kirsten was a student government representative for two years. She took part in the Freshman Activities Committee and IRC. She was also a two-year member of Culture Vultures. Kirsten's outside interests include surfing, reading, and going to the beach and art galleries. Kirsten wants to learn all she can and then teach others.

Allen Laventure
166 Waldorf Street
Allen was a member of the bowling team in his junior and senior years at Classical. Outside of school, Al enjoys playing golf, tennis, basketball, bowling, and viewing competitive sports. Al's ambition is to go to college and become a radio or television broadcaster.

Robert Leader
16 Texel Drive
Bob has been a chemistry lab assistant, and a member of the Biology Club, the Science Club, and IRC. His outside interests include swimming, traveling and listening to records. Bob also enjoys working with electronic equipment in his spare time. This fall, Bob plans to attend a liberal arts college.

Debra Learned
354 Page Boulevard
Debra, a three-year member of the Future Teachers Club, was a two-year member of Girls Patrol. She also participated in the French Club for two years. Outside of school, Debi enjoys reading, sewing and spectator sports. Her plans for the future include teaching science on an elementary level.

Teresa Leary
36 Florentine Gardens
Terry was a three-year member of IRC and participated in the French Club. Outside of school she enjoys playing golf, tennis, reading, and swimming. She plans to further her education after high school. She would like to major in either English or psychology.

Leah Lemmon
71 Grape Street
In her junior year, Leah came to Classical from California. During her senior year at Classical, Leah was an active member of the French Club and the Culture Vultures. Her outside interests include the piano, sewing, and various sports.

Martha Levin
1764 Parker Street
Martha was in Girls Chorus and Choir. After freshman year, as a member of the Blue and White staff, she served as Junior and Senior section editor. She was also Activities representative for her homeroom in the eleventh and twelfth grades. In her senior year, she tutored children as a member of the Spanish Club. She hopes to be an interpreter.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970