Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Carol Kursman
141 Leyfred Terrace
A three-year member of IRC, Carol was also on the Junior and Senior Prom Committees. She enjoys watching Classical's basketball, football, and hockey games. She likes to go swimming and horseback riding. Carol plans to attend college and major in dental hygiene.

Robert Kushnet
107 Carver Street
In his freshman year, Bob was a member of Boys Chorus. He was also a member of IRC, the Hebrew Club and Choir. Bob spends most of his spare time enjoying sports or participating in a boys organization he belongs to. Bob plans to go to college and pursue a career in pharmacy.

Mark LaBranche
103 Central Street
Mark has been a member of Boys Chorus in his freshman year and Choir in his junior and senior years. He has also been a two-year member of the German Club. In his spare time, Mark enjoys raising animals and making movies. After graduation, Mark plans to attend college and become a law enforcement officer.

Sarah LaRochelle
88 Bellevue Avenue
Sarah was a member of Girls Chorus and IRC in her freshman year. In her senior year at Classical, Sarah participated in the Ski Club. Outside of school, Sarah's main interests are skiing, water skiing, swimming, and riding. Sarah's ambition is to attend college.

Marie Lagodich
44 Larkspur Street
Marie has been a three-year member of IRC. Marie also participated in the French Club, freshman year, and she was a Blue and White agent for two years. Marie was also a member of the Senior Prom Committee. Outside of school Marie plays tennis, sews, and enjoys swimming and reading. Marie hopes to eventually work for an adoption agency.

Pamela Lake
35 Long Terrace
For three years, Pam has been treasurer of her class as well as the feature twirler of the Band. Pam performed in Carousel in her freshman year. She belonged to the Future Teachers Club and was a lab aide in her junior and senior years. Pam was also Decorations Chairman for the Junior Prom. She would like to major in physical education in college.

Gloria Lambert
705 White Street
Gloria has been a three-year P.T.S.A. representative for her homeroom. She also participated in IRC freshman and junior years. A member of Girls Chorus in freshman year, Gloria later became a member of Choir. After graduation, Gloria would like to go into childcare.

Darlene Lamos
82 White Street
In her three years at Classical, Darlene was a member of Girls Chorus, Choir, and Madrigal. During Darlene's senior year she was an ST agent. Her main interests include music and reading. Darlene would like to attend a liberal arts college and study to become a music teacher.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970