Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Diane Kochanek
45 Chauncey Drive
Diane's activities at Classical included two years as a member of Girls Chorus, two years on Girls Patrol and IRC. She was also a member of the Future Teachers Club in her senior year. Diane's outside interests include playing tennis, sewing and listening to and enjoying all kinds of music. It is Diane's hope to become an elementary school teacher.

Janet Kohnfelder
117 Sylvan Street
Jan's activities at Classical have included Latin Club, IRC, and two-year membership in the German and Future Teachers Club. When she is not involved in her part-time job, she enjoys guitar, ballet, camping, children, and travel. Jan plans to major in education in college.

Susan Koretz
56 Bessemer Street
Sue's activities at Classical have been limited because of a part-time job. Outside of school, she pursues her interests in sky diving and scuba diving. Sue hopes to become an airline stewardess.

Sherrie Kowarsky
82 Wayne Street
Sherrie has been a three-year member of IRC, a member of the Junior Activities Committee and chairman of the Publicity Committee for the Junior Prom. In her senior year she was active in the Senate. Outside of school Sherrie enjoys golf, tennis, swimming, and tutoring at NES. At college, Sherrie would like to major in the field of mathematics.

Susan Kowinski
40 Swan Hill Drive
Susie, a member of the Girls Chorus in her freshman year, enjoys all kinds of music, especially hard rock. In her senior year, she was a member of the Ski Club, as skiing is her favorite sport. Susie's ambition is to teach preschool children.

Richard Kravitz
26 Middlebrook Drive
Rich, who enjoys music, has been actively involved in Boys Chorus, Choir, and Madrigal during his three years at Classical. His spare time is taken up with pets, gardening, and tennis. He plans to become either a math teacher or a computer programmer.

Robert Kroll
25 Beechwood Avenue
Sports-minded, Bob has been a three-year member of both the varsity crew and swim teams serving as captain of the swim team in his senior year. Outside of school he enjoys teaching and "just having a good time." Bob's plans for the future include a college major in physical education.

Eileen Kudisch
98 Kimberly Avenue
Eileen was a three-year member of IRC, and in her freshman and junior years, she was a library aide. As a senior she also was a member of the Future Teachers Club. Eileen enjoys bowling and attending football games. After high school, Eileen hopes to attend college and work in a school for the mentally ill.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970