Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Susan Jones
75 Anniversary Street
Sue, a three-year member of the Future Teachers Club, plans to become an elementary school teacher. She is also very interested in art and has been a two-year member of the Art Club. Sue's hobbies include water and snow skiing as well as going to Classical's football and hockey games.

Harvey Jorgenson
69 Cornflower Road
In his three years at Classical, Harvey has been a member of the band, Boys Patrol, and orchestra. He especially enjoys outdoor activities like hockey, horseback riding and mountain climbing. Teaching on the college level is Harvey's major ambition.

Janice Jotkowitz
68 Manor Court
While at Classical, Janice has been a member of IRC and served as the president of the Hebrew Club in her senior year. She has been active in both the Junior and Senior Prom Committees. Janice enjoys working with children, and tutors at N.E.S. She would like to tutor children who have difficulty in a foreign language.

Sandra Jurkowski
4l Watling Street
While at Classical, Sandy has been a three-year member of IRC, one-year member of Future Teachers Club and an Activities Committee member in her senior year. Sandy's outside interests include horseback riding and sewing. Her ambition is to travel and she plans on a job with an airline.

Deborah Kamaras
137 Woodlawn Street
Debbie was a member of N.H.S., Hebrew Club, Girls Chorus, and Scribe, and served as vice president of the French Club in her senior year. Outside of school, she is taken up with her stamp collection. She wishes to further her education in the languages and humanities.

Carol Kantany
255 Hartwick Street
For her freshman and junior year, Carol was a member of IRC and was an ST agent. In her freshman year, she was a member of Girls Chorus, Carousel and Red Cross. Carol was a member of the Recorder for her junior and senior years, and was Scribe literary editor in her junior year. Her hobbies include singing and reading. Carol hopes to become a teacher.

George Karamallis
49 Biella Street
George has been the member at large for the Class of 1970 for three years. In his junior year he was editor of Scribe. After graduation from Classical, George would like to become an elementary school teacher or a social worker. He would also like to work with mentally retarded children.

Penny Kasper
24 East Brundreth Street
While at Classical, Penny was a member of NHS, IRC, and served as secretary of the French Club. Outside of school, she enjoys reading and playing the piano. Penny would like to major in French and possibly teach the handicapped.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970