Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Christine Hurley
56 Ravenwood Street
Being a two-year member of IRC, the Future Teachers Club, and the Girls Chorus, Chris has kept very busy at Classical. As a junior also she was on the Carousel Ticket Committee. She has also been on the Junior Prom Committee, P.T.S.A. Fashion Show, and for two years, she was a cheerleader, being co-captain in her senior year. After Classical, Chris hopes to go to a liberal arts college.

Aaron Hyte
44 Manor Street
Aaron is a very outgoing person with a comical sense of humor. He enjoys life by taking it as it comes. Here at Classical, Aaron was the two-year manager of the varsity baseball team. His outside interests include playing drums for a semiprofessional band and working on his car. Aaron's ambition is to be a businessman.

Julie Imler
946 Plumtree Road
After graduation from Classical, Julie plans to enter the field of nursing. She has been a three-year member of IRC and a senior year member of the Future Nurses Club. Julie loves people and says that being able to help them would be more than rewarding to her. Julie's ambition is to "become a good nurse, with a lot of understanding."

George Jackson
11 Bradley Road
During his three years at Classical, George was a member of the football and baseball teams for two years and a member of the soccer and track teams for one year. Outside of school, he enjoys camping and coin collecting. His ambition is to enter the field of criminology.

William Jackson
193 Newton Road
Bill was an enthusiastic worker for the Classical stage crew for his three years at Classical. He was also an active member of the football team for three years and the baseball team for one year. After high school, Bill plans on attending college and making the navy his career after college.

Nealon Jaynes
118 Cedar Street
While at Classical, Nealon participated in Chorus for two years and in IRC in her senior year. Outside of school, Neal enjoys music and dancing, sewing, reading, traveling and having a good time with her friends. She also enjoys and participates in sports especially tennis. Neal would like to be an elementary school teacher because she loves working with children.

Deborah Jenkins
251 Cortland Street
A member of the Girls Patrol for two years, Debbye was also a member of IRC, Future Teachers Club, and the band. She enjoys both reading and sewing in her spare time. Debbye hopes to further her education and would like to become a high school math teacher in the future.

Carol Jones
71 Edgemont Street
Carol was a three-year member of IRC, Future Nurses Club and the Girls Chorus during her stay at Classical. She works as a volunteer at a local hospital and enjoys going to all spectator sports. Her ambition is to attend nursing school to be a nurse.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970