Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Katherine Hatzakis
76 Knollwood Street
Editor-in Chief of the Blue and White, Kathy has been a three-year member of IRC and the Senate serving the latter as president and former as secretary in her senior year. Outside of school, Kathy belongs to a local drum corps and enjoys reading. A member of the Biology Club, Kathy plans a career in biological research.

Michael Heady
64 Oak Hollow Road
Mike has enjoyed participating in the marching band, concert band, brass choir, orchestra, and dance band during all three of his years at Classical. As a junior, he was on the tennis team and joined Boys Patrol in his senior year. A sports enthusiast, Mike enjoys skiing, and fishing. He plans to attend a liberal arts college.

Ramona Herbert
35 Hood Street
For two years, Bonnie has been a member of Junior Achievement. In her junior year, she was her homeroom representative for the PTSA and in her senior year, an ST alternate. Outside of school, reading, listening to music, and swimming take up much of Bonnie's time. Bonnie plans to go to a junior college and enter the field of data processing.

Susan Hespelt
55 Venture Drive
While at Classical, Susan was an S.T. representative. She served on the Junior Prom Committee also. Susan's outside interests include a part time job and traveling. She hopes to go to college and become a medical secretary.

Jean Hibbert
15 Capitol Road
Jean has been active at Classical, serving on the junior prom and activities committees and on the PTSA fashion show committee. Jean enjoys all water sports and likes to ski in the winter. She plans to go on to college and major in sociology in order to someday become a policewoman or work on an Indian reservation.

Stephen Holochuck
100 Wait Street
While at Classical, Steve has been a member of National Honor Society, Boys Patrol, serving as clerk in his senior year, Senate, French Club, Science Club, and Spanish Club. Outside of school, Steve is an active member of Junior Achievement and listens to popular music. He plans to attend college majoring in Russian and work for the U.N. as an interpreter.

David Hopkins
20 Summit Street
Dave was a three-year member of the golf team and the A.V.A. department. He was also a member of the basketball team. Dave is interested in cars and racing. He plans to attend college and major in engineering.

Deborah Howe
1054 Plumtree Road
Debbie was a three-year member of IRC, an ST agent for two years, and a one-year member of the Girls Chorus and the Future Teachers Club. She has a part time job and enjoys reading. Debbie plans to teach either elementary school or handicapped children.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970