Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Brian Hale
38 Regal Street
Brian has been a three year Senate member, serving as legislative vice-president and delegate to the Model Congress. He was also a member of the Forum, IRC, Boys Chorus, choir and Madrigal. Brian is an avid sports fan and usually can be found competing in a game of basketball or Whiffleball. Brian plans to major in philosophy and political science at college.

Dan Hall
59 Emmet Street
Although Dan's activities at Classical have been limited, his spare time is filled with music. He is very interested in the guitar, and his ambition is to make a profession of it. Extremely talented he wants to perfect his technique.

Bruce Hambro
307 Terrace Lane
A three-year member of the bowling and baseball teams, Bruce also was a member of Boys Chorus in his freshman year. Outside of school, he enjoys bowling, and golfing. Bruce plans to enter a business college and continue playing baseball.

Jill Hanchett
32 South Tallyho Drive
Jill was a member of Girls Chorus and IRC in her freshman year. In eleventh and twelfth grade, she was a member of the French Club and IRC. Outside of school, she enjoys playing pool, swimming, sewing, and working with children. Jill plans to attend a liberal arts college and major in Math or French.

Joan Hanley
16 Woodridge Drive
While at Classical, Joan has participated in IRC, the Future Nurses Club, Pieredes, and was an S.T. agent. Aside from school activities, she is interested in painting, writing, skiing and reading. In the future, Joan hopes to become involved in illustrative art.

Wendy Hardy
39 Fallston Street
Wendy was active in the Future Teachers Club in tenth and eleventh grades. She was a cashier in the cafeteria for two years. Wendy participates in two singing groups outside of school. She hopes to go out West and teach the Indians.

Joseph Harris
114 Norfolk Street
Joe was a member of the wrestling team and also served as its manager. In his senior year, Joe became a member of the Boys Patrol. Outside of school, Joe's time is spent at a part-time job. He plans to go to college and pursue a career in the field.

Mickey Harris
42 Colonial Avenue
Since this is his first year at Classical, Mickey has not been active here. He transferred here from Germany where he was on the football and basketball teams for both his freshman and junior years. Class president highlighted his junior year. Sports are his main outside of school interests and Mickey hopes to get the most out of life.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970