Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Lorraine Green
77 Clarendon Street
During her three years at Classical, Lorraine has been a three-year member of IRC. She was also an active member of the Future Teachers Club and she was vice-president of the Latin Club in her senior year. Lorraine's outside interests include sewing, writing, and Junior Achievement. She would like to attend a liberal arts college and major in sociology.

Mark Greenberg
84 Fern Street
While at Classical, Mark has been a member of the Freshman Activities Committee, the crew team and in his senior year a member of the Boys Patrol. Outside of school Mark enjoys chess, cars, playing the guitar and drawing. His ambition is to major in sociology and pursue a career in social work.

James Griffith
54 Scott Street
Jim is a two-year member of the Biology Club, becoming its vice-president in his senior year. For two years also Jim has been a chemistry lab aide. In his senior year, he was a member of National Honor Society, Mathletes and the Senate. A three-year member of the track team, Jim hopes to become a virologist.

Patrick Groleau
837 Carew Street
Pat came to Classical in his junior year from the island of Guam, where he lived for four years. His hobbies include photography and swimming. He is a Red Cross water safety instructor and plans on becoming a competition swimming coach. Pat would like to major in history and minor in physical education in college.

Martin Gruenberg
22 Prescott Street
A sports enthusiast, Marty has played on Classical's football, golf, bowling, and track teams. His taste for unusual places may take him cross-country this summer. He plans to major in business administration, go into the service, and work for a large corporation.

Richard Guarnieri
98 Draner Street
Rich was a two-year member of the J.V. soccer team. He participated on the crew team for three years, being captain of the crew team in his senior year. Rich's outside interests include swimming, water skiing, and playing the guitar. He plans to go to college.

Philip Guzek
16 Sedgelia Street
While attending Classical, Phil was a two-year member of the band. He also participated in the Chess Club. He likes stamp collecting and woodworking. In the future, Phil would like to attend a local college and major in the field of chemistry.

Karen Hachadourian
24 North Chatham Street
Because of a part time job, Karen has been unable to participate in many school activities. She has been a three-year member of IRC and a Blue and White alternate in her junior year. Among her outside interests are reading, sewing, playing the guitar, and listening to music. She also is very active in her church choir and youth group. Karen hopes to attend a liberal arts college.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970