Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Mark Gardner
15 Churchill Street
While at Classical, Mark participated in junior varsity baseball. He is very interested in music, jazz in particular. Mark would like to go on to become a lawyer after graduating from college.

Warren Garner
196 Dunmoreland Street
Warren, an avid sports enthusiast, has been a member of the cross-country track, crew, and wrestling teams. He enjoys art, traveling and most of all, skiing. His ambition is to become an architect and to travel around the world.

Reba Gaskin
96 Mapledell Street
Reba, very music-minded, has been, in her freshman year, a member of the Girls Chorus and, in her junior and senior years, a member of the Madrigal and Western District Chorus. She has been a two-year member of IRC and enjoys working with children. Her ambition is to teach Math in high school or college.

Gretchen Geigel
120 Oregon Street
A member of Girls Chorus as a freshman and junior and choir as a senior, Gretchen was also a PTSA representative as a freshman and an ST agent as a junior. She enjoys swimming, going to the beach, singing, dancing, and sewing. Gretchen hopes to become a social worker and help improve the living conditions of the United States.

Karen George
208 Oak Hollow Road
During her three years at Classical, Karen has been a member of IRC, Future Nurses Club, and Madrigal. She served as lieutenant of Girls Patrol in her senior year. Outside of school, she is a member of Junior Achievement and Rainbow Girls. Karen plans to go to college and enter the field of medical technology.

David Giannasi
125 Knollwood Street
Dave has enjoyed a three-year membership in the Classical band, his main school activity. He was also a two-year member of Explorers, and participated in sports and music outside of school. Although Dave is undecided on a major in college, it is his ambition to attend a four-year school after graduation from Classical.

Linda Giard
63 Porter Street
Linda was a member of the Girls Chorus in her freshman year. She participated in Junior Achievement in eleventh grade. She served as a member of the Girls Patrol in twelfth grade. Linda would like to enter the field of journalism.

Roberta Ginsberg
71 Virginia Street
During her three years at Classical, Roberta was a member of IRC. Being a library aide for her junior and senior years, Roberta found it easy to pursue one of her outside interests, which is reading. She was also her homeroom's Student Treasury Agent for all three years. After high school, Roberta hopes to go on to college.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970