Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Barbara Ford
11 Stuyvesant Street
Barbara was a member of Girls Chorus in her freshman year. In her junior and senior years she belonged to Choir. She enjoys dancing and would like to take up ballet and jazz. Barbara plans to go to college and pursue the theatre.

David Francoeur
15 Rosedale Avenue
At Classical, Dave was a member of Boys Patrol. Being a very sports-minded person, he has played on the Classical soccer and baseball teams. Dave hopes to attend a college, major in education, and become a physical education teacher.

Kathy Frank
141 Dayton Street
While at Classical, Kathy was a member of Girls Chorus, French Club, and the freshman and junior Activities committees. In her senior year she was on the Blue and White staff. Kathy was active in both Junior and Senior Prom Committees. She works as a volunteer at a local hospital. She plans to attend a liberal arts college.

Richard Freedman
67 Eckington Street
At Classical, Richard was in the Boys Chorus. He participated in different sports. His favorites are golf, tennis, soccer and football. After school, he also belonged to many clubs and religious organizations. After graduation, Richard plans to attend a liberal arts college and then a law school.

Karen Freeman
109 Meadowlark Lane
Karen's activities at Classical have included a two-year membership in Chorus and IRC, service on the Junior Prom Committee, and membership as a senior in the Future Nurses Club. Her ambition is a career in nursing.

Stephan Frentzos
214 Hartwick Street
In his junior year, Steve was a member of the Science Club. He was inducted into the National Honor Society in his senior year. Outside of school, Steve enjoys participating in baseball, basketball, and football. Steve's ambition is to go to college and to major in either math or science.

Evan Friedman
267 Longhill Street
In his freshman year, Evan joined the Cross Country team, and was his homeroom's Blue and White agent. Outside of school, he enjoys baseball, football, and hockey. Evan hopes to use a law major in college as a steppingstone toward a political career.

Cynthia Fugere
1454 Bay Street
Cyndi, who has been a member of Choir, IRC, and Writing Workshop, enjoys listening to other people and hearing their opinions. After she attends college, she would like to take a cross-country trip. Cyndi is also very interested in the stage, and films and many of the current rock groups.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970