Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Lynette Fabrocini
86 Mooreland Street
Lynette was a member of the Constitutional Committee during her freshman year. She was also an active member of the band all three years. Outside of school, Lynette is interested in water skiing, music, museums, and "boys." Her future plans are to attend college and become "something super terrific."

Berdj Feredjian
34 Fenway Drive
Berdj has been an active member on the Blue and White staff for two years. He is also a member of IRC and the French Club. He enjoys music, basketball, and mechanics in his spare time. Upon graduation, Berdj intends to continue his education and specialize in the field of mechanics.

Christine Ferioli
32 Kittrell Street
Chris has been a three-year member of IRC. In her junior year she became active in the Future Teachers Club. Chris was a member of the Girls Chorus in grade ten and was on the Blue and White Staff in grade twelve. She enjoys reading and sewing, and hopes to become an elementary school teacher after attending a liberal arts college.

Carl Ferris
5 Weaver Road
Carl, a transfer student, hasn't had much time to be involved in school activities. Instead, he uses his spare time to read. He enjoys reading very much and says he learns a great deal from it.

Janet Fettes
249 Prentice Street
Janet was a member of the Girls Chorus, Future Teachers Club, a two-year member of the French Club, a three-year member of IRC and served on the Junior Prom Committee. Outside of school, she enjoys traveling, modeling, swimming, dancing and playing the organ. After graduation, Janet plans to attend college.

Maureen Findlater
9 Miner Street
Maureen's activities at Classical include a three-year membership in IRC, a two-year membership in both the French and Future Teachers Clubs. In her freshman year she also participated in Girls Chorus. Maureen is kept busy by an outside job. Her ambition is to attend college and to become a psychology or sociology major.

Mary Flanagan
88 Methuen Street
Mary has participated in IRC and as a student leader in gym while at Classical. Mary has a job as a cashier and also works as a part-time secretary. She would like to become a physical education instructor.

Peter Forastiere
201 Forest Park Avenue
In his freshman year, Pete was a member of the Biology Club. He was a three-year member of the varsity crew team and was elected Captain in his senior year. He was also a two-year member of the swim team. Pete enjoys water skiing and boat racing. He plans to attend college and major in business administration.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970