Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Thomas Durkee
150 Harvard Street
During his freshman and junior years, Tom was a member of both the soccer and crew teams. After graduating from Classical, Tom plans on joining the Navy and then hopes to go to college.

Ronald Duval
20 Summit Street
Ron was a member of the Chess Club, Biology Club, IRC, and an S.T. agent. In his freshman year, he was a member of the junior varsity basketball team. Ron enjoys auto racing and tennis in his spare time. He plans to attend college and take up data processing.

Anatole Dziardziel
334 Wilbraham Road
Anatole, who is an avid baseball fan, is also very interested in the field of science. In his senior year at Classical, Anatole was a chemistry lab assistant. Outside of school, he enjoys going fishing. Anatole would like to pursue a career in science or baseball.

Keith Edwards
183 Marion Street
Keith has enjoyed being a three-year participant on the wrestling team of which he was the captain in his senior year. He was also an active member of the track team for two years. In his senior year, Keith became a member of the Boys Patrol. Outside of school, Keith enjoys basketball and dancing. In college, he would like to major in sociology.

Irene Eliopoulos
17 Beaumont Terrace
During her three years at Classical, Irene was an active member of the band. Her main outside interest is teaching Sunday school, as she finds the children to be "very enthused at this age group." After graduation, she plans to attend college and become a teacher.

Margaret Elliott
205 Massachusetts Avenue
Peggy transferred to Classical from Holyoke in her junior year. An outside job kept her busy but she was an active member of the German Club. Her outside interests include sewing, swimming, skiing, reading and playing tennis. It is Peggy's ambition to become a social worker, or psychologist or an English professor.

Michael Evans
279 Oak Grove Avenue
Sports-minded, Mike has been an active participant on the varsity football and basketball teams all of his three years here at Classical. In his junior and senior years, he was a member of Boys Patrol. Outside of school, dancing, singing, and listening to records occupy Mike's time. He would like to become either a lawyer or an athletic coach.

Pamela Evans
33 Eloise Street
Pam has been a spirited cheerleader during her senior year. She has also been an active member of the Ski Club, Girls Chorus, the girls volleyball team, and she was a student leader for two years. Outside of school Pam enjoys gymnastics and skiing. She would like to become a physical education teacher or a social worker.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970