Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Louis Demetriou
815 Armory Street
In his freshman and junior years here at Classical, Lou was an S.T. Agent. Outside of school, he is interested in chess, sailing, photography and electronics. He plans to go into the field of industrial engineering.

Donna Derosier
61 Forest Street
A two-year member of IRC and of the Future Teachers Club in her freshman year, Donna would very much like to travel after she leaves college. Horseback riding and skiing are two of her main interests. Donna would like to teach the blind after her travels are over.

Cheryl Dickinson
785 Belmont Avenue
Cheryl, a two-year member of both the Chorus and the Future Nurses Club, enjoys doing volunteer work at a local hospital. In her spare time, Cheryl enjoys horseback riding and taking acting lessons. Cheryl's ambition is to become a nurse.

Catherine Diederich
31 North Branch Parkway
Cathy has been a two-year member of the band and in her freshman year, the Blue and White agent from her homeroom. Horse back riding and girl scouts take up much of her outside of school time. Many people note Cathy also for her guitar playing. Always cheerful, Cathy hopes to become a biologist.

Bruce Dimm
13 Suzanne Street
During his three years at Classical, Bruce was a member of the soccer team during his freshman and junior years, swimming team for all three was an S.T. Agent. Outside of the band, serving as treasurer in his senior year. His hobbies include music and surfing among other things. His future plans are to become an history teacher or a researcher in archeology.

Paul Domaingue
122 Hartford Terrace
While at Classical, Paul has been a member of the Future Teachers Club, A.V.A. and boys chorus in his freshman year. In Paul's junior and senior years be belonged to Madrigal. He likes to listen to music and play the organ. Paul would like to be either a biology or history teacher.

Jeannie Donovan
53 Dorset Street
Jeannie has been a three-year member of the French Club, and the ski club. She has also been a two-year member of the Art Club. In her junior year she was the Art editor for Scribe, while in her senior year served as the staff artist for Recorder. Jeannie hopes possibly to pursue a career in commercial art.

Elizabeth Doten
1920 Allen Street
Liz was a member of the Girls Chorus in tenth grade. She was in the Choir, a Blue and White alternate and on the Blue and White advertising committee during her junior and senior years. Outside of school, Liz enjoys sewing and going to hockey games. Liz's ambition is to attend college.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970