Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Robert Dash
91 Forest Park Avenue
In tenth grade, Bob was a member of Boys Chorus and was on the swim team. In eleventh, he joined the Recorder staff, choir, and swam again for the school. In his senior year, Bob became Editor-in-Chief of the Recorder. Outside of school, Bob enjoys working with retarded children. He would like to be a social worker.

Marc Dashevsky
30 Washington Road
Marc was on the Chess Club and tennis team during his freshman year at Classical. A concerned student, Marc has belonged to a local student movement organization for the past two years. Musically inclined, he hopes to someday be able to play harp for Canned Heat.

Michael Davies
86 White Oak Road
Mike has been on the soccer team for three years and for two years on the baseball team. In his junior year, he was on the School Handbook Committee. Outside of school, Mike holds down a job and enjoys motorcycling. Since he wants the "better things in life," he wants to be able to look back at his past with pride and amusement.

Deborah Davison
25 Intervale Road
Debbi was a member of Girls Chorus in her first year at Classical. In eleventh and twelfth grade she was a Blue and White agent. As a senior, she was a cheerleader and a member of IRC. Her outside interests include piano, ballet, and she took dramatic lessons. During the summer, she works with young children at a local swim school.

Robert Degon
173 Waldorf Street
Bob has been active in sports at Classical. He was a three-year member of the baseball team, and a two-year member of both the soccer and basketball teams. He was also a two-year member of the Boys Patrol. Bob's outside hobbies reflect his interest in sports. His ambitions include "College and a good steady job."

Ira Deitsch
104 Wayne Street
In eleventh and twelfth grade, Ira was on the Recorder Staff. In his senior year, he was editor of the sports section. Also in his junior year, he was in the National Honor Society and became the vice-president in twelfth grade. In Ira's last two years he was also on Mathletes, the Senate, and As Schools Match Wits team in his senior year. He would like to pursue law or journalism.

Catherine Delizia
8 Washington Street
During her three years at Classical, Cathy has participated in the Girls Chorus, Culture Vultures, Pierides, and IRC. She enjoys reading, sewing, and writing. She would like to fulfill her interest in writing by someday becoming a writer.

Fred Demarinis
107 Lang Street
During his stay at Classical, Fred was a member of the baseball and soccer teams. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar and listening to rock music. As for his future, Fred would like to attend a junior college.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970