Classical High School, Class of 1970
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John Contro
57 Savoy Avenue
John, a three-year member of the track team, was also on the soccer team in his freshman and junior year. A member of IRC, in tenth grade, he was in the Future Teachers Club as a junior. John's main hobby is taxidermy and is active in both skydiving and harness racing. He plans to attend college and pursue the field of writing.

Christine Cook
131 Allen Street
Chris' activities at Classical have included IRC and the Spanish Club. When she is not busy with her part-time job, she enjoys swimming, skiing, and reading. Chris plans to attend college and to pursue her interests in people through social work. Travel may highlight her future.

Diane Cooper
14 Cherryvale Avenue
A three-year member of IRC, Diane has participated in the French Club as a freshman and junior, and was a member of the Art Club and National Honor Society in her junior and senior years. Outside of school she enjoys the beach, sewing, painting, and being an active member of a local church fellowship. Diane plans to attend college and pursue the field of commercial art.

Jeffrey Cossin
15 Rittenhouse Terrace
In his three years at Classical, Jeff has been very active in the music department. He has sung in the Choir and the Madrigal in his junior and senior year, respectively. Jeff was a member of the National Honor Society, president of the Latin Club, and on the staff of the Blue and White.

Daniel Courtney
175 Garland Street
An afterschool job has kept Dan busy during his years at Classical. In his spare time, Dan is interested in music, and would like to make a career out of it, either by performing or producing. Dan also enjoys sports out of school especially football and basketball.

Bruce Cowen
33 Fredette Street
At Classical, Brace has been an enthusiastic three-year participant in the band, and has served as a lab aide for two years. His diversified interests include a variety of sports, stamp and coin collecting, and investing in the stock market.

Diane Danie
582 White Street
During her three years at Classical, Diane was active in the French Club, IRC and was a S.T. agent. She enjoys going to the beach, surfing, and sewing. After her graduation, Diane plans to attend college and become an elementary school teacher.

Gary Dascanio
18 Brunswick Street
Gary was unable to participate in many school activities because of an afterschool job. His outside interests include playing baseball, football and hockey. After high school, Gary hopes to pursue his studies in the field of Social Studies.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970