Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Beth Chiz
115 Garfield Street
Although Beth has not been very active at Classical, there are many outside activities that she enjoys. They include sewing, and viewing and participating in sports events. Beth would like to become an airline stewardess or be a grammar school teacher. Beth plans to further her education after graduating from Classical.

Dennis Cloukey
244 Sumner Avenue
Hawk has been an active member of both the concert and marching bands for three years. His current outside interests include motorcycle driving, playing the drums, and camping. Because of his interest in business, he is planning a college major in business management and administration.

Joan Cohen
30 Hadley Street
Joan enjoys going to new places and meeting new people more than anything else. For these reasons she would like to go into social work which will also give her an opportunity to really help people. Joan likes swimming and sewing but she likes horseback riding the best. Joan believes that people should live each day as it comes.

Sandra Cohen
64 West Alvord Street
Sandi has been a three-year member of IRC and the French Club. In her freshman year she was a Blue and White agent and in her senior year she joined the Art Club. Her outside activities include skiing and painting. Sandi plans to attend a liberal arts college to pursue her interest in art.

Craig Comer
173 Navajo Road
Although Craig's activities at Classical have been limited, he has found time to be a P.T.S.A. representative. In his spare time, Craig enjoys yachting, and deep-sea fishing. Craig hopes to be rich someday.

Michael Commins
241 Breckwood Boulevard
Mike's activities at Classical were limited by an afterschool job. Outside of school, though, he enjoys hockey, golf, and tennis. He hopes to attend college, and for "lots of money, wives and no kids, and to live happily ever after."

Thomas Condarcure
321 Holcomb Road
A three-year member of the Band, Tom plans a career as a professional musician. In his junior year, he was a member of the French Club. Tom enjoys the guitar and reading in his spare time.

Deborah Connors
101 Mulberry Street
Since Debbie was a transfer student, she did not have the chance to participate in school activities. She enjoys drawing, singing, swimming and traveling, besides teaching religion to emotionally disturbed children. Debbie hopes to further her education by attending college and then excel in the one thing she does.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970