Classical High School, Class of 1970
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David Cawley
81 Upton Street
One of the most athletic boys in our class, Dave has been a three-year member of baseball, hockey, and soccer teams. As a senior, he was captain of both the baseball and soccer teams and co-captain of the hockey team. Dave looks forward to weekend parties and attending a small, lively liberal arts college where he hopes to become involved in computer engineering.

Ellen Chaitovsky
44 Texel Drive
Ellen has been a three-year member of IRC, a two-year member of the Hebrew Club and the Red Cross. She has also served on the Girls Patrol Ellen hopes to become a social worker and to help underprivileged children.

Katherine Chamberlain
49 Buckingham Street
Not very active at Classical, Kathy spends most of her time working with young children. She also likes to cook and sew in her spare time. Kathy says that her ambition is to be an individual and to always be able to stand by her own convictions.

Margaret Chamberlain
80 Fairfield Street
Peggy has been a three-year member of the band. She was also a member of the Future Teachers Club, the Culture Vultures, and the Projectors. Peggy hopes to put her love for children to use through teaching elementary school.

Linda Chartier
24 Crosby Street
Although she has not been very active in school activities, Lynn's many outside interests keep her busy. Her outside activities include horseback riding, singing, playing the guitar, painting, writing, and traveling. Lynn says that she loves to have fun, and that she can have fun doing anything. Her ambition is to attend college and become a medical secretary.

Robert Chase
1854 Parker Street
Bob has been active in the band all three years at Classical. This was especially true in his senior year when he was in the Orchestra, Dance band, and Brass Choir. His outside interests include listening to music and participating in all sports. In the fall, Bob hopes to attend college and major in Business Administration.

Lisa Chernick
184 Commonwealth Avenue
Lisa has been a three-year member of the Hebrew Club and of IRC. She has also been a member of the Scribe literary staff and an S.T. agent. In her search for identity, Lisa does volunteer work for a hospital and works as a cashier. Her future plans include college, and her goal in life is "happiness."

Cynthia Chivas
1088 Sumner Avenue
Cindi loves to go to athletic games, and her favorite is hockey! Because of an outside job, her activities have been limited, as far as school is concerned, to IRC. Her future plans include going to college and becoming an airline stewardess.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970