Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Diane Buckley
83 Gary Road
At Classical, Diane has been an active member of the Senate and Spanish Club, serving as an officer in both. In her junior year, she was editor of Classical's Scribe, and has enjoyed two-year membership in the National Honor Society. Girls Patrol, and the Forum. Diane plans to major in political science and obtain a degree in law.

Christine Bushey
2084 Wilbraham Road
Chris has limited her school activities to a three-year membership in the orchestra. An avid sports enthusiast, Chris especially likes to ride motorcycles. She hopes to become a computer programmer after graduation from high school.

David Buske
50 Upland Street
David was a transfer student this year from another school. Due to a part time job, his activities at Classical have been limited. After graduation, David plans to attend college and major in biology.

Maureen Callahan
115 Hermitage Drive
Maureen, one of our fine cheerleaders, has been a member of IRC, Girls Chorus, and Future Nurses Club. Very active, she enjoys bowling, gymnastics, and was on the girls volleyball team. Maureen hopes to become a nurse and later major in the field of pediatrics.

Judith Camerota
850 Sumner Avenue
Judy was a member of IRC in her freshman and senior years. As a senior, she has participated in the Future Nurses Club and the Senior Prom Committee. Outside of school, she enjoys skiing, sailing, and traveling. Judy would like to pursue a career in the field of travel or medicine.

Margaret Campbell
63 Kensington Avenue
Due to a part time job, Margaret's school activities have been limited. Margaret's hobbies and outside interests include art, swimming, and learning to ski. Her ambition is to attend college and possibly major in psychology.

Robert Carlson
91 Oak Hollow Road
Bob, musically inclined, participated in the Boys Chorus in grade ten and the Choir in grade eleven. Outside of school, his interests also center around music. Bob plans to attend music school after graduation.

Webster Carroll
113 Maynard Street
Webster has been a three-year member of the track team. He also spent two years on the basketball team and his senior year on the football team. Outside of school, "Lucky" sings in a group and enjoys listening to all kinds of music, especially jazz and the blues. Webster's ambition is to work in some field of I.B.M.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970