Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Scott Bridgeman
17 Breckwood Circle
Scott is one of Classical's easygoing individuals. He was a member of the golf and soccer teams for two years. He was a two-year member of IRC, and, in his junior year, he made the All City Soccer Team. Scott feels that Classical has offered him "food for my mind." His ambition is to have "perpetual success in my endeavors."

Bruce Briganti
25 Hood Street
Bruce's activities have been limited because he was a transfer student, but that hasn't kept him from fitting in with the crowd. He enjoys being with people and wants to be himself and do something worthwhile with his life. His wide variety of interests outside of school include philosophy and psychology.

Kevin Brock
26 Puritan Circle
Kevin has been a member of the Boys Chorus, Choir, and Madrigal. He has also participated in the Western District Chorus and All State Chorus. He has been a three-year member of the Future Teachers Club, and a member of the swim and baseball teams. Kevin would like to attend college and become a science teacher.

Donald Brooks
1481 Plumtree Road
Don, a really humorous guy, is full of school spirit. Outside of school, his interests include soul and rock music, and he would someday like to a professional guitarist. Don's ambition is to be rich and famous.

Barbara Brooslin
21 Morningside Park
In her freshman year, Barbara was a member of the Hebrew Club and IRC. During her junior year she worked on the activities and prom committees. In both her junior and senior years she was a secretary of the Hebrew Club, and tutored for Northern Educational Service. Barbara hopes to become a teacher.

Beverly Brown
100 Embassy Road
Bev was a member of the Girls Chorus, IRC, the Future Teachers Club, and a cashier. She was a homeroom representative for Blue and White, and a member of the Junior Prom Decorations Committee, A member of Recorder for two years, Bev served as advertising manager in her senior year. Bev would like to become an English teacher in the future.

Carol Brown
16 Pickett Place
Carol has been a three-year member of the band and the girls volley ball team. Outside of school, Carol enjoys working as a tutor for young students at the Northern Educational Service. She is also a member of the Black Students Union. In college, Carol would like to major in elementary education or in Black Studies.

L'Tanya Brown
124 Eastern Avenue
As a freshman, Tangee participated in Junior Achievement. In eleventh grade, she was a member of the Girls Chorus, and, in her senior year, became a member of the Choir. Tangee's outside interests include reading, working with children, sports, sewing, and singing.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970