Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Nancy Bocchino
28 Holycross Street
Nancy has been a three-year member of the Future Teachers Club and IRC. In her senior year she was also a lunchroom cashier. Nancy's outside interests include playing the piano, swimming and ice skating. Her ambitions are to go to college and to become an elementary school teacher.

Joan Bogan
60 Donbray Road
Joan served on Girls Patrol for two years. Athletically inclined, she joined the ski club and the volleyball team, and she was a student leader. She would like to be a gym teacher or a physical therapist.

Joseph Bonales
98 Northumberland Street
At Classical, Joe has been a member of the Culture Vultures and crew team, a two-year member of Boys Patrol, and a three-year participant on the swim team. In his senior year he was elected president of the Spanish Club, captain of Boys Patrol and captain of the swim team.

Deborah Bowker
65 Rockland Street
During her three years at Classical, Debbie has been a member of IRC. Her outside interests include sewing and golfing. Intensely interested in human behavior, Debbie hopes to work as a physical therapist, preferably with children.

Doreen Boyer
130 Ellendale Circle
While at Classical, Doreen was a P.T.S.A. representative, a member of the Choir, and, in twelfth grade, a member of the Madrigal. Outside of school activities, Doreen enjoys music, sewing, bike hikes, and outdoor sports. She plans to attend a junior college and later become an airline hostess.

Mitchell Boykan
44 Washington Road
While at Classical, Mitch has participated on the soccer, tennis, and crew teams. Besides being an active member of the Chess Club for three years, Mitch belonged to the National Honor Society. He enjoys most sports and prides himself on his stamp collection. A science enthusiast, he hopes to pursue a career in biological science or medicine.

Donald Braccialarghe
15 Rutledge Avenue
"Brass" has been a member of the band for three years. His outside interests are centered around football, fishing, and hunting. After serving in the military, Don hopes to enter college to study biology.

Daniel Brenton
1404 Worcester Street, I.O.
Dan, who enjoys all kinds of sports, was a member of the basketball and baseball teams in his senior year. Dan is also interested in Spanish, and he was a member of the Spanish Club in his senior year. His ambition is to continue his education and to become a Spanish teacher.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970