Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Kevin Berry
425 Wilbraham Road
Kevin was unable to participate in many school activities because of his avid interest in the field of music. He enjoys playing the guitar and piano, and hopes to become an important figure in the music world.

Janey Biernacki
481 Main Street, I.O.
Active in her three years at Classical, Janey was a member of the Blue and White staff, serving on the advertising committee as well as the Administration editor. Janey was also a member of IRC and the Senior Banquet Committee, and was the French Club treasurer in her junior year. Janey would like to attain a college degree in medical technology.

Brenda Bizon
39 Rimmon Avenue
Although Brenda was at Classical only for her senior year, she became interested in gymnastics and served as a student leader. Her interests range from horseback riding, and snow and water skiing, to sewing and all sorts of art projects. Brenda's ambition is to become either a lab technician or a nurse.

Richard Bjorklund
331 Allen Park Road
Although a member of the baseball team in his freshman year, Richard's activities at Classical have been limited by his outside interests. He enjoys listening to music and watching or participating in sports. Richard would like someday to become a sportscaster.

Barbara Blake
160 Carver Street
An enthusiastic artist, Bonnie goes to art school and has been a member of the Art Club. Naturally, her plans include majoring in that field in college. She was a member of IRC for three years. Outside of school she is active in her youth group and enjoys camping.

Diane Blanchet
16 Ellendale Circle
A member of the Girls Chorus and Choir, Diane was also a member of the French Club in her freshman year. She was also a three-year member of the Future Teachers Club. Diane enjoys playing the piano, and plans to attend a state college to become an elementary school teacher.

Gary Block
102 Harrow Road
A three-year member of the varsity swim team, Gary was also a member of IRC, the French Club and a two-year member of the baseball team. Gary's interests include automobiles and racing. His plans for the future are to attend college then enter graduate school.

Francis Bloom
52 Jonquil Drive
A three-year member of both the varsity soccer and varsity basketball teams, Fran was also in the varsity baseball team as a senior. He was a member of the Boys Patrol in eleventh and twelfth grades, serving as lieutenant in his senior year. His ambition is to major in physical education and later become a coach.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970