Classical High School, Class of 1970
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Debra Ashe
124 Derryfield Avenue
During her stay at Classical, Debbie has been quite active in athletics. She was a student leader in her junior and senior years, a cheerleader in twelfth grade as well as an active member of the volleyball and gymnastics teams. She has also been a two-year member of the Art Club and hopes to become a gym instructor.

George Atkins
13 Wigwam Place
A three-year member of the bowling team, George enjoys both being a spectator at and participating in many sports events. He has been a member of the Latin Club for two years and is very interested in the field of science. George plans to become a pharmacist.

Ronald Auger
149 Clarendon Street
Ronnie, a three-year member of both the varsity soccer and varsity swimming teams, enjoys all sports and listening to music. He has been a three-year member of IRC too, and takes much pride in his butterfly collection. His ambition is to become a physical education instructor.

Toby Axler
16 Sachem Street
Toby has been a two-year member of the Activities Committee, an S.T. agent for three years, a member of IRC and president of the Hebrew Club. Her outside interests include being president of a girls organization, swimming, water skiing and tennis. Toby hopes to pursue a career in mathematics.

Cleo Babacas
224 Birchland Avenue
During her three years at Classical, Cleo has been a member of the Future Teachers Club and a two-year member of IRC. Besides being a cashier, Cleo has served on the Activities Committee. She has an outside job, and also enjoys bowling and playing the piano. Cleo is also the secretary of a girls organization. Her future plans include attending college.

Gary Bacchiocchi
71 Penacook Street
Gary has been a three-year member of the hockey team and served on the soccer team for one year. He has also been a member of IRC for three years. During his junior and senior years, Gary was a member of the French Club. Outside of school, Gary enjoys skydiving. Gary intends to pursue the field of mathematics.

Lynn Bacon
27 Brighton Street
Lynn's interests include sketching, music and photography. She hopes to obtain her teaching certificate in elementary education. Her eventual goal is to become an airline stewardess, flying on the European routes, especially Spain, France and the British Isles.

Cheryl Balicki
24 Massasoit Place
During Cher's three years at Classical, she has been a member of IRC and a student leader in gym. After school, she enjoys bowling, horseback riding, and swimming. Cheryl would like to pursue a career in the field of math.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970