Classical High School, Class of 1970
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William Adams
181 Garland Street
While at Classical, Bill has been active in the field of music. He was a three-year member of both the marching and dancing bands, and participated in Carousel. He was also on the Cross Country team. Bill enjoys playing trombone and working on his car. He hopes to become a biochemical engineer.

Michael Agen
14 Coleridge Street
In his freshman year, Mike was a member of the Senate. For the past two years, he has been an active member of Junior Achievement. Mike enjoys skiing, riflery, archery, hunting, fishing, and water skiing. After graduation, Mike hopes to go to college and major in business management.

Sheryl Alexander
27 Beaufort Circle
During her freshman and junior year, Sheryl was a member of the Girls Chorus, and IRC. Sherry became active in Junior Achievement in her junior year. Among her many outside interests are horseback riding, sewing her own clothes, and raising her three collies. Sheryl's ambition is to become a secretary.

Patricia Allen
375 Nottingham Street
Patricia has been a member of the Future Teachers Club and the Culture Vultures. She became a member of the National Honor Society in her senior year. Her outside interests include reading, listening to music and working as a supermarket cashier. Pat's ambition is to be very happy as an English teacher.

John Alphas
800 Sumner Avenue
John has been a two-year member of the Crew and IRC. Very sports-minded, he enjoys swimming, surfing and diving when he is not busy with his part-time job. He plans to pursue a career in law.

Jean Anderson
1592 Plumtree Road
Jean has been a three-year member of the Future Teachers Club. As a freshman she was on the Activities Committee. In her junior year she became a member of the French Club. In her senior year she joined IRC. Outside of school she enjoys swimming and reading. She wants to be an elementary school teacher.

David Andrews
2303 Wilbraham Road
Dave has been a two-year member of the wrestling and crew teams. He also served on the Boys Patrol for two years. Outside of school, Dave likes fishing, playing cards, and listening to records. He would like to go to college and major in biology.

David Apts
124 Magazine Street
During his three years at Classical, Dave was a member of the golf team, the French Club and IRC. In his spare time Dave enjoys football, basketball, and hockey. Dave hopes to become a physical education teacher in the future.
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Springfield Massachusetts Mass. MA Classical High School Class of 1970