Classical High School, Class of 1970
Reunion 2005 — Luke Macken's Pictures

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Dennis and Michele Cloukey
Dennis Cloukey, Janice Macon, Michele Cloukey
David Scott and John Contro
Judy (Posner) Glenney and Kris (Weiner) Tower
Kris (Weiner) Tower, Roberta (Weber) Twining, Diane (Weiderlight) Nuger
Diane (Weiderlight) Nuger and Mark Greenberg
Jeff Stambovsky and Diane (Danie) Diamond
Jeff Stambovsky and Bob Carlson
Bob Carlson and Eileen Kudisch
Eileen Kudisch, Bob Carlson, Melissa (Barr) Campbell
Deb (Davison) Antinori, Marc Dashevsky, Bob Michel
Mike Stutz (after the reunion at his gig)
?, ?, ?, ? and Billy Adams
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Rick Sibilia, Liz (Doten) Mastrangelo, Joe Mastrangelo, Bob Michel, Roberta (Weber) Twining
Lou Demetriou, his wife, Kerry Loux (wife of Doug)
Steve Reilly, John Contro, David Scott
Cleo (Babacas) Whitney, Florence (Tremblay) Cygan, David Scott
Messages from those who could not attend the reunion.

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